Monday my cd player on the jeep started acting up. First I noticed that the CD I cue’d up the night before to 99 Red Balloons didn’t kick in until I was pulling out of my neighborhood. Then when I switched back to the radio a nice feedback screech slowly built up. The funnest part was when it decided to blink on and off as fast as it could. The head unit does this cute little “hello” on startup and “see you” on power off. Well, it decided it would have fun with s sequence lika thisa:

Hello see you see you see you see you hello see you see you see you hello see you hello

So I disassembled the jeep yesterday to find the loose wire. I thought it was the ground. When my last radio got stolen the original ground wire was yanked clean out. Not knowing where the wire went I decided to just ground the radio to the frame. So I was thinking that ground point was not a clean connection. I left the radio on toe debug and started jiggling. Wires. I jiggled wires. The only thing that made any difference was by pushing the connecter into the back of the head unit. If I pushed real hard everything behaved. This didn’t seem right, because I had made the wiring harness and had a little ad hoc ground solution. But I wiggled and jiggled those thingys to no effect. I even completely disconnected the ground, yeah, the radio don’t needa be grounded at all. Go figure.

So my jeep is still disassembled and I will try the original factory radio tonight. If that works, well, then I get to bust out the mixed tapes from high school. Cassette tapes roxorz.