Unforeseen side effects of relandscaping the front yard: Meeting a lot of our neighbors. Thumb blisters Delayed onset thumb soreness (I’m having a hard time turning the steering wheel) Tracking mud into the back of the Jetta 33% extra Bathroom tile Well, so some of those shouldn’t have been unexpected. However I didn’t expect them, or at least never thought about them. Kelly ripped up half of half the yard on Friday (yeah, I coulda said a quarter), but the real work got going on Saturday. We yanked up most of the flox with that little hand spade/fork thingy, which was surprisingly effective. Kelly’s dad showed armed with kick ass hand matic, and his ho. He also has a nice green lawn chair so he could supervise properly, however he couldn’t stay out of the action and joined in with the fun. I think it was because we kept finding the bathroom tile that a former owner planted. Or maybe it was the toy Jeep we discovered. We also unearthed a tiny snake, a family of salamanders and a bunch of crickets and spiders. Science fair project: the eco system in our front yard.

Sean brought Jason, who claimed to be sitting around bored, and they had his little truck with him (as per our request). Which once we were finished dismantling the landscaping timbers (as per Kelly’s request) we took it to Merrifield Garden Center and loaded it up with stone dust and a bunch of sod. We loaded it up so much that the poor little truck leaned way back, tires bulged and it fishtailed when driven down the road. I followed them in Kelly’s car saying aloud “Just a little slower, a little slower, Sean—take it easy. Slower…” But we made it back to the house.

Once we got the dirt rearranged to my liking we started laying down the sod. We were about 80% covered when we looked up and noticed that the truck was only about 50% empty. After some lengthy arithmetic and fractions I deduced that we had extra. So we laid the rest. Got irritable and cursed while laying the large slate stepping stones. Oh, I totally blame Ben for the broken one in the middle. Sure I was the one that dropped it when it broke, but he was near by and had a shifty look about him.

We hauled the extra sod into the back yard and began debating what we could use it for.
Ideas: Earthen roofed cabin for the lawn mower (I ruled this out because I don’t want to build a house for the lawn mower that required the use of the lawn mower) Just lay the sod in the back yard, and sure it would look funny with 1/5 of the yard sod and the rest patchy grass and weeds Make a VT out of the sod in the back yard. This almost happened.
We wound up with a solution that didn’t require any work, was not wasteful, and made us look nice to our neighbors. We gave it to the guy that was ripping up his yard across the street. Sure it’s not a homage to our Alma Mater, but we were gonna rip up the yard in the spring for seed anyway.

*** Auto-response from roxystealth: fuzzymonk540: it’ll be like an adventure in crazyness