My body is falling apart thanks to wushu, and work is stressing me out. I am feeling a little burninated lately.

Wushu can be summed up in a short list: Residual fall-on-my-head neck pain, left shoulder pain (Charlie said it was a cyst last time I saw him), a strange bump in my wrist with plenty ‘o pain (cyst too a major reason I don’t flip on Tuesday nights), pulled hip abductors, stale hamstrings, shin splints and retrocalcaneal bursitis. Oh, I also split my little toe nail in half now the two sides are pinching the toe where the nail should protect it.

But on the upside Kelly forced me to bring in some oatmeal so I can have breakfast—and she would not have to listen to me wine about being hungry and be in a place where she cannot bring me food. I didn’t really want to bring it in. Seemed like a bit of a hassle, but when I went to open it up and eat some this morning I realized that it is not the multi-pack, it’s all peaches ‘n cream! No more picking though the maple raisin poo hoping to find some of the good stuff.

We introduced the kittens to the world of dogs this weekend. It was a sheltered first step, as we mostly let the AJ run free and kept them locked up in the bed room. This remained hidden under the bed. Even with the door shut they would mostly cower in the corner. At one point Kelly wrapped Amp in her sweatshirt and brought him downstairs to see AJ first hand. The dog didn’t even notice for the longest time, while the cat’s eyes were fixed and ears plastered back. Eventually AJ caught of whiff and wanted to investigate, but Kelly in her infinite wisdom decided holding a cat while a dog investigated wasn’t as much fun as it had originally seemed and returned him upstairs where he wanted to be. After AJ left they eventually came back down stairs, upon finding no signs that the dog was still there they returned to their normal retarded behavior.