I have a groin. Not like that, the bad kind. Like our #9 midget with a groin. The tornado kicks were so much better with the one leg set. But that apperently stresses my hip abductor alot. Even jump outsides were hurty.

Costume ideas, as much as I want to be the Poopsmith as M-Bison, I think I can’t pull that off. Strongsad’s left leg is a good one anyway. Yes it had to be HSR related, yes, I know very few people will get it. It is totally worth it for those few people. The only good non-HST idea this year has been Keith Stack from Milborne NJ, and Danny has that. Well, a jellyfish that could actually sting people wasn’t too shabby.

In other news a chinese dictionary…phpCEDICT. Yay.

And we banged pots and pans at the lunar eclipse—well, at the dragon that ate the moon. I also shook a black cat at it, ‘cause them thngs are scary.

Bla bla blabbity bla.