Well, I didn’t train last night. But I was very productive. I accomplished two main things. 1) Fixed the toilet in the Men’s bathroom and 2) Made a present for Kelly and her Mom.

Reverse order.

Can’t talk about the present because then Kelly would know.

The toilet was amazingly disgusting. It was leaking around the wax seal on the floor. So it was leaking after. We had been trying to keep everything clean by moping up in there, but you could only do but so much. The smell was becoming not so subtle. When I pulled up the toilet I even discovered a few, lets call them, bugs. Picture this. You snap on your latex gloves. Mop the floor. Wipe down the toilet with Lysol disinfectant wipes. Unscrew the bolts. Yank up a stinky toilet, splashing water everywhere (the plunger was old, busted, and didn’t work). A nasty brown waxy ring of poo was on the floor around the sewage pipe. And to my delight a dozen small, fast, nasty bugs ran and scurried around the floor. I whacked a few with a rolled up newspaper, but to my further delight it didn’t even faze them. I was forced to lay the newspaper on top of them and punch it profusely.

Eventually I got the new seal on and the toilet properly shimmed up and the first round of calking finished. I will add extra. Must contain the poo. And the poo related stink. I must have mopped the floor 15 time yesterday. Waxy feces is my new arch enemy.