Arg, I don’t know what is up with my heel. The mass doses of ibuprofen definatlly seem to help, but I can’t wear normal shoes. Now I am not entirely sure I can’t, I just walk around a little and it feels strange, maybe a little bit of pain and I freak out and take them off as to not aggravate it any. I can, however, wear feiyues that have been cut on the heel and then taped back onto my foot with no discomfort at all. I have been doing that to old worn-out pairs of shoes, I may modify a new(ish) pair soon because I am getting annoyed at the holes in the sole.

Everyone is getting aerial twist. Stoppit, that’s my move.

I am mad at Kevin Smith. I think I paid $30 for my Clerks DVD the first time around. I paid 2/3s that for the 10th anniversary edition. But I didn’t want to buy it again, and he had to go and make a DVD set that a had to buy. I can’t wait to see the ABC’s of no budget film making.

To summarize: You can call me jumpin’ bean.