We can’t go to the picnic. Those selfish condescending lil _____. I just want to play volleyball and have a hotdog with everyone else.

Tonight is going to be an interesting mix of juggling cars, wushu, gymnastics and going home to get stuff for the cars, wushu and gymnastics. I havn’t been to the gym since the beginning of summer, and I can’t go next week, so I really otta make a point of doing some flipping tonight, but it is not really convenient. Getting up early, going to woodbridge, finding a way home sans car. I am gonna be tired tonight. Don’t expect to be home till after 11.

I even ditched wushu and watched 4 episodes of stargate. I am ashamed. My real excuse is physical injuries, primarily my inability to look left. Yes, I tried to do kip ups before I was warmed up, pulled something in my neck. Now I am a unilooker.

Chipotle time.

Update: We coulda gone, and we coulda played, but we didn’t buy tickets. Woulda cut in on our cash for other less fun activities. Bah.