Cancun Weather


Ivan is just skirting cancun.

Well, kelly was in richmond so she was staying the the marriot down there. being the opertunistic lady she is, she asked about the marriot in cancun we will be staying at. To, ya know, see if it is still there. It sure is, and alot of people are canceling their trips because of the hurricane—dispite the fact that it will be just fine by this weekend. According to weather.com at least. They are calling for a few thunder storms at first, but then it is looking like 94 and clear skies. Woot.

photo Thanks to the bursitis I am now wearing man clogs. I never wear shoes with out a back. Now, I have made the jump to man clogs. Aiya.

Coach harassed me saying I tak alot of vacations last night. Sure we booked this one when I was making that big drive with jason, but seriously, it is the only other non-weekend trip I have made this year.

Sword sucked. I am feelin’ awkward in my optional sword. I think it needs some tweeking, it’s just so furstrating. However coach was ripping us up. It’s nice to have coach back, with a Stephon kicker. Yeah, it’s true I got to work late today because I was up at 1:30 in the morning watching wushu videos.