I went and trained at 11 today. It was jsut me and chad. Coach gave me some really good corrections. I was having trouble with this vertical behind the back flower movement in my new jian form. I really can’t believe that I suck at that movement so badly. It seems so basic. Well if I can nail the flavor for that stuff I will rock the form. One good thing about having a coach who specilized in the same event that I do.

Chad got yelled at for marking up the big logo, she asked him who did it when we first walked in and he fessed up rigth away. I think coach was stunned because she was thinking it was someone else entirely, but she smack his hands with one of those chinese fans and scoleded him.

Note: Never paint a giant logo on the wall using black chinese ink. If someone gets all hyper and jumps up to slap it it will leave streaks on the wall. It also stinks.

Kelly had to email ben and have him punch me because she couldn’t get in touch with me today. I felt like a jerk. Much like I felt like a jerk when I didn’t make it to gymnastics last night and sean did. I called him and swore up and down that I would honestly go fo-sho, and well, for the umpteenth time I didn’t.

Some of the wushu ren wanna go out after class. But then they started mentioning a hooka bar and I got skeptical. I have to fly out early-early in the morning so that may not work. Perhaps we can just get sean to come hang out as we prep for cancun.

I forgot my shoes and I am wearing feiyues to work. I tend to do more kicks in the office if I am wearing my wushu shoes.