We are getting ready to go on vacation so I participated in the laundry duties, not too much, but I was helping. So I go downstairs and unload the dryer into a hamper full of clean clothes. Really have to stuff it down good to make it fit well enough to haul upstairs. Once upstairs I opt for the dump it out in the middle of the floor method. I figure the highly compressed clothes down at the bottom would be otherwise winkled far past acceptable, um, wrinkledge. It’s a nice neat pile, maybe twice as high as it is wide. Taking up very little floor space in the living room.

I run off to deal with other duties such as adding the much needed freshly clean drawers to my take-on-vacation clothes pile upstairs. I shut the door behind me to prevent the cats from getting in to the bedroom.

When I go downstairs I discover why it was such a good idea to shut the door. The pile has lost all it’s verticalness in lieu of horizontalness. It was spread out over half the floor. Around the Ikea chairs and foot rest, around (and a little on) the Foof. And there was a very proud looking kitten sitting upright right in the middle of the chaos. Henry was looking so prim and proper, like he did me the favor of killing all the mean clothes.

I gave him a treat.