I am going to the podiatrist today for my heel. I feel a bit like a fake, because it doesn’t really hurt. If I don’t wear any shoes with a back to them I don’t notice at all, so the week in flip-flops was pain free. I am actually wearing heel’d shoes today, but they are not a pair that I had ever verified to actually cause pain before, so I don’t know if I should be feeling any pain now or not. So it A) May be all better and I am being too cautious to test it out or B) may not be any better but not cause any pain because I am babying it so much.

Rahhh! So I will just do what the doctor said and get it looked at again, even though it don’t really bug me. Don’t really!


One, two, three … go back to Mexico!

Dammit, still here.

As a wise man said on the phone today “Honeymoons are better than working.” They sure are you wise chicken nugget guy.