Last night Kelly made me watch football instead of Monday night stargate. Eventually she went up stairs and fell asleep leaving me downstairs alone to watch the game. I coulda watched stargate, but at that point I was into the game and had to finish it. Up past midnight watching pro ball and our team lost. Stupid professionals.

The fun part was when Kelly showed up to wushu after she working out/shopping. I happened to be standing outside unsuccessfully trying to break into a car with a coat hanger. We went back into wushu and I trained a little more while she told me how hungry she was. Eventually she drove Jennifer home and I stopped at Xi Shang Fan for some tasty gan bian si ji duo and gung pao ji (bu ma ti). They didn’t put in the ma ti so I was a happy guy.

Right now I want some Chinese food so I am not thinking of how bad my front sweeps sucked last night. At least I did an aerial twist.

Three cheers for tivo! Buh-doop Ba-doop Bi-dip!