Ode to Peace was insane. I had never done that demo before; everyone told me that it was crazy every year. I had no idea how dehydrated I would get. I was hot, sunny and hot. Found out we were going on 3 times, over 3 hours. Originally it was supposed to be over 2 hours, but things ran slowly and acts kept arriving late. Sitting smack out in front of the Jefferson Memorial next to the tidal basin, the announcers kept making really, really ridicusoly bad jokes for the people in paddle boats. I would ask anyone around me to make the announcers never talk again.

We did basics, we did our group set. We didn’t get to do the stuff we are actually good at, i.e. our forms. I was supposed to do drunken and jiujiebain, but after the second demo I was dehydrated and hypoglycemic. So I told coach I didn’t feel good and left. At first I felt really bad for bailing. This was especially bad because I scolded some of the kids, with a if you commit to something then you need to do it. If you cannot commit then you need to say so. But as I thought about it all the planning that had been done was thrown out the window and they changing everything, not to mention the fact that no one had bothered to disclose to me what we were doing in the first place, I had no idea it was going to be doing demo stuff from 1 till 7. I became very frustrated, which was appropriate in the sweltering heat and humidity.

Stephan said it was just the Maryland kids for the last demo anyway.

I did feel a little bad for all our friends that came out, I really hoped it was going to be a good show for them to watch, and based on the information I had in the week leading up to it I thought it was gonna be. They hung out till I was done, met us back at our house; we grabbed some steak for dinner and played caps well into the night.