Quick week in review.

Basically I have been stressing about a stupid problem at work, it’s one of those things that no matter what I do, no matter how far I get if it don’t work, it don’t work. I have been driving a sucky drive the past few days into the client for most of the day only to come home and dial into the home office to check some other stuff, that might, but probably won’t help me with this @#$% piece of @#$!

In other words I haven’t been training much, and tonight on my anniversary I came home and went to sleep at about quarter to six. Of course I got up at 10 or so, had some serial, put Kelly to bed and came up here to encode video and tinker with Solaris version 5.suck.my-ass.

The highlight of the week was Tom’s getting’ married happy hour. We went to Dr. Dremo in Arlington, which may very well be my new favorite bar inside the beltway. Outside the beltway I prefer Hokie House. And besides the fun and drinking (and fun drinking) with co-workers the best part of that was giving Tom his wedding present. Wrapped up it totally look like it could be another place setting of china or wine goblets, and tom was totally expecting to get that slap in the face that is a Croft and Barrel box; but no, we totally surprised him with a shiny new PS2. I had told people that we couldn’t get him something boring off the registry and once he had opened it and become unspeachless’d he said he was totally expecting something boring off the registry. Consumer electronics 1. House wares 0.

I think my back is bleeding. Cats were wrestling on my chair and one decided to use some sort of jumping attack that used my back as a spring board. Stingy.

I am going to give up on work/video/blogging and all the other geek activitys for the night now and go to bed and read my geek book. Damn you Neal Stephenson, why must I think you are so cool, which makes you uncool and thus I am more of a social disgrace.