Shin splints are back and in force. That coupled with the tired leg ache thing I get when I am tired didn’t lead to a fun weekend for my lower extremities. Saturday we had a kick ass class, coach was coaching and teaching and everything we wanted, pushed us all hard, which resulted in me being pooped. We ran up to Todd’s place to see everyone (and to my surprise he had a huge gathering of our VT buddies there), then came home changed clothes and went out to DuPont with McHugh and Co. Shuffleboard fun for everyone. It was lots of fun, but I was dead tired when we showed up at Todd’s place, by 1 am when we were on the metro home I wasn’t so perky.

Weak legs from training + painful achy legs from being tired = no fun walking up the escalator at DuPont.


Friday Stephan and I were left to our own devices at wushu, we had Duanne stop by and take some more pictures, not of me this time, but he did a bunch for Stephan and Sarah. I am thinking Stephan actually wanted them and Sarah got tricked into it because the photographer wanted them. I heard they were there till midnight shooting stuff. I felt bad because I though Kelly was gonna be at Jeannie’s, but she didn’t go because she worked till 8 and figured I would be home soon. I stayed late working on sword, never heard the phone ring. Poor girl she has had a stressful week at work-and so have I-so neither one of us could really be there for each other as we were both stressed to the limit.

To the limit. 2da limit.

Last night, after I had stayed up till 1:45 making the 2004 Chang Quan China National Qualifier VCD I went downstairs to check it out. I was sitting right in front of the TV, with the door the the entertainment center open so I could push the buttons on the DVD player. Amp walked over, sniffed the glass in the door, ducked under it and headed downstairs. I continued to flip through the tracks on the VCD and then there came a duh-da-da duh-da-da of a kitten sprinting up the stairs rounding the corner (as best he can on the hardwood floor, jumping over my leg and smacking face first into the glass door. He immediately did an about face and tore down the stairs. I found him hiding in the basement, and he completely flinched when I tried to pick him up, but he seemed fine.

That, however, is not as funny as when Sean asked us if we noticed that one of the kittens smelled bad. I got worried, thinking it was something to do with his allergies or a kitten was sick. But no, turns out he went to use the facilities late after we all had gone to bed and while he was in there one of the cats decided to come in and visit him. Well, between the time Sean finished his business and flushing the toilet curiosity set in and the cat jumped up on the commode to see what all the fuss was about. Normally, the lid would be shut, as Kelly has taken it upon her self to do everything in her power to prevent toilet related kitten drownings, but this time was different. The cat landed with it’s front two paws right in the bowl. Sean claims to have said/thought “what are you doing!?” as he grabbed the cat up and drug it over to the sink for a unpleasant (for the cat, as we can deduct to his behavior) rinsing of the paws. Luckily the combination of forced front paw sink-cleaning and the instinctual self-cleaning of the cat neither one has any noticeable odor.