The big drive with jason, day 3. 200 Miles to De Moines. That’s a lot of corn.


Chicago was crazy and crazy fun. We rolled into Erik’s place, well I think it may have been Erik and Rob’s place, but I am pretty sure Danny said Rob doesn’t live there—which seemed a little odd because he defiantly seemed to be living there as far as I could tell. We met everyone and settled into the ultimate bachelor pad, complete with full bar and Golden Tee machine. They even had table tents with the specials and appetizers.

Jason and I decided to opt for the couches in the bar. The living room couch was pretty comfy, but people were up longer they we wanted to be, so we went down stairs for sleepin’. I know we could have gone and slept on the couch in the kitchen, but that was just a little to new and different for us in the trip.

Next morning we headed down jumped on the El and rumbled into America’s other city. It’s pretty dang easy to find the cubs game. It’s where everybody gets off the train. We wondered around Wrigley for a while taking pictures of Jason. He may not have looked excited but that man was as lost to giddy as he could be. Found our seats, which were right smack behind a big steel post. Apparently the guy who sold us the tickets failed to mention that on eBay. Cubs won 2 to zip over the Dodgers.

photoWhile we waited for the crows to die down on the way out of the stadium we whipped out the map and tried to figure out what to do and where to go. Decided to just wonder downtown, wound up near Millennium Park, took a peak at it and then made our way to the Sears Tower. I got my picture taken with a big group of kids, they seemed pretty happy that I joined in on the photo fun.

194 to De Moines.

About that time we ran into Big Papa, ask around, everyone knows him. He gave us some advice on where to go, and what to eat. Then Jason gave him a dollar to go away. We didn’t follow his advice.

On our way to to check out that famous fountain near the Chicago river we did get to experience some interesting examples of parenting. The first one we noticed a small family of four, and the mother was asserting to the father that he only sould praise their son when he does something good instead of scolding him when he does something bad. Their son meanwhile, had wondered off moping and hit behind a bush. The bush was about 5′ high and well manicured to have a slightly rounded Christmas tree shape. I knew and opportunity when I saw it. So I joined him by going to mope behind the neighboring tree. He looked at me, eyes red teary, I just pressed my finger to my lips and made that shhhh sound.

In retrospect I should waited him out. I didn’t I left first, he left once I was gone, but I really think I would have been a better help had I waited him out. Also should have had Jason scold me with a “you can’t have another icecream, you’ll spoil your dinner!” Now we know for when we see the next kid moping behind a bush.

The next instance of parenting technique occurred immediately after that, the next group of people we happened upon infact. This was a mother alone with her 4 kids. They seemed much better behaved and responded almost instantly when their mother asked them to get away from a fountain. “Get you ass back here, I’s gonna smack you in da head!” Clearly a more effective approach.

The most exciting thing in Chicago was the helicopter that happened to appear a few block ahead of us between a couple of the skyscrapers. That was cool.

Our feet hurt, we caught a movie (we are in Iowa now!) in a skyscraper, Manchurian Candidate. Missed the red line and walked all the way back to the Chicago River from the lake. Went back to the car, got lost trying to find the house. Got some OJ at a Jewl Osco and crashed. Some reason Jason let me sleep till quarter of 11. And now we are on the road again.

I only got a couple of more days, Jason has a month and a half.