Dean’s Place

Crashed in KC with dean. He is just moving in to his new place, which was a little odd because the boys in Chicago were moving out, but had plenty of room—including a couch and an air mattress. I wanted to meet up with some of his wushu fellas out there but Jason was ancy to get to Colorado, and who could blame him, so we rolled out once we got up. Laurance was an interesting town, like a big Blacksburg, or maybe what Charlottesville is like. We got to see all the KU freshmen milling around the student center with their bags of free crap. We also had an enlightening drive by the humongous frat houses just off campus. $4 Million craziness.

Kansas, Taco John’s and girl

From Dean’s place we had the length of Kansas to drive across. Western Kansas is a wasteland barren of all cell phone signal. But there was a Taco John’s. We stopped and ate some tacos, a quesadilla and some potato oles. While the oles were intriguing the girl behind the counter got more of our attention. Nothing crazy, she just was some cute farmer girl that had this tendency to hold eye contact a little too long when she gave you your food and thanked you for coming to Taco John’s. The extended gaze and extra heartfelt “thanks” had an eerie subliminal cry for help. Jason decided that he should of taken her to California. Unfortunately he didn’t deiced this until we were down the road a ways.

World’s largest prairie dog


Western Kansas is full of some strange things. Nothing we saw was stranger than the place advertising the world’s larges prairie dog. They also bragged about the Live 6 legged steer, 5 legged steer, Roscoe the miniature donkey and live badgers. Something like 300 animals. We stopped. We went in. They wanted six bucks. We left. They wouldn’t even let us into the gift shop unless we paid. Quote of the week was man that was sitting next to Peggy Hill (the assumed owner and proprietor of prairie dog land) who upon us turning down their offer claimed “a six legged cow is worth that alone!”

I made eye contact with a couple of guys going in as we were driving away. They laughed in shame.




Colorado was marked with the best state sign we had encountered so far. There was a little pull off, a trash can and even a speed limit sign upping our max speed to 75. We were able to get some fun pictures like handstands and au batidos. We knew we liked Colarado already.

About 15 minutes later we were a bit annoyed that Colorado was still as flat as Kansas.

Getting to the Rockies

A lot more minutes later we were much happier when we got to the mountains. The rocky mountains. Jason drove around with his mouth gaping open staring up at the ridges. We like this place. But after western Kansas we woulda liked most places.

Olympic Training Center


Wrigley Field is to Jason as the Olympic Training Center is to me. I want to go live there. I made Jason go back the next day because we missed all the tours for that day.


Scary camp ground

We decided we needed to find a place to sleep on Colorado Springs. This is Colorado, so there must be plenty of camping to be had. We found a campground guide at the Colorado welcome center, with my powers of looking at campground listings found one near Pikes Peak that was a mere $14 a night. So we went there. The overgrown oddly spaced out playground equipment alone was enough to frighten us. Once we made a quick lap around the grounds Jason offered up the idea or returning to a hotel. That travel lodge may have been $50 a night, but that shower and crappy bed were so nice.


We did pull off on some random trail for a little hiking. Felt great after the driving. Fun to hike though the red dirt and cacti. However it was late in the day, got dark, we started talking about how “Two young men from Virginia were last seen on a trail near Colarado Springs…” sounded to plausible. We headed back to the Travel Lodge.

Pikes Peak

photoPikes Peak bright and early. Well, not early enough for us to get the free breakfast, but was plenty early to get that flat tire. And hour after we noticed the tire we were at the gate to the Pikes Peak toll road, deciding we didn’t’ have enough gas we went back into town and promptly cam back to the toll road and headed up the mountain. We was Picas in a rock outcropping—they were these big chipmunk like creatures. Followed promptly by the yellow bellied marmots that came up to the car. Never saw any bighorn mountain sheep, but were overall happy with our wildlife encounters.


Walking around on the summit would make me lightheaded. I said “I am feeling woosy” in a strongsad voice way more times than it was funny. Most queasy I got was when I set up the camera on timer and ran to get in the shot. Standing up on that big rock there.



Gummy at the Rockies game

photoOn to Denver, and onto another baseball game. Coors field and the Rockies were playing the Mets. I am pretty sure there were more Mets fans there. The Rockies did have the support of old Gummy. This lady, who Jason and I dubbed Gummy, was sitting in the row in front of us, and never once stopped talking. Told me how she didn’t like burned hotdog as she pealed the overcooked portions of the frank off, and continued to expound on the subject it as she chewed. Eventually her portly son with a stylish braided rattail poking out from under his backwards ball cap returned with his poor, poor girlfriend. Apparently he had taken her to the first aid stand because she got something in her eye. Gummy would give her input on how she thought a bug flew in and bit that poor girl’s eye. When she finished telling the bug in the eye theory, with no topic to move onto she would promptly restart telling the bug in the eye theory. Sometimes she would move away to a different topic like how she liked beer more than pop, but would only go back to the bug in the eye discourse.

We wound up watching the game from the food stand promenade.

Denver Airport

Now I sit in the Denver airport after a nice relaxing night in the Motel 6, which by the way is cheaper than that Super 8. We didn’t chance single rate for fear that we wouldn’t get the double beds, but the extra $3 was worth the peace of mind. Fun thing about the Denver airport is that the Chinese food is available for breakfast, and just like in china there is not specific breakfast food, just normal Chinese food. Kung Pao Ji at 9 a.m. what could be better.

Frontier Airlines makes you pay for TV. You get a free sandwich, but you have to pay for TV. I say, lemme pay for food and give me TV free, dammit. It’s the American way!