Work is sucky, lets not think about that.

I have been lifting more as of late. The boys have been bailing on me as Stephan is working on the mornings now, but I have been able to keep up with the frequency of lifting days so far. I have been coming in to the office and lifting here, which is nice because I can do more things. It is not nice because I don’t have lifting buddies. Well, if I am lucky one of my coworkers is in there too, but they like to lift too early. A spotter would be nice, but I can always dump the weights if it comes to that.

Oh, speaking of dumping the weights. I was doing squats—no, I didn’t actually dump them but I thought I might need to—I can dead lift more than I can squat these days. Perhaps I am just not used to it. Perhaps I just didn’t feel as safe.

The best part of lifting in at the office is a pull-up bar. I don’t have one at home, so I pulled at wushu. Wushu doesn’t have a bar I can use, so we use the I-beam for pulls and hanging leg raises (kick that bar!) which rips your hands up. I get all these strange bruises on my finger joints and odd hand callous action.

I trained today, over lunch. I mostly went so I could talk to coach as I hadn’t been to wushu much this week because of a combination of my heel social obligations. Hmm, did I mention that I had a mysterious heel pain when I wear shoes? Only when I wear shoes. So I spend a lot time walking on the back of my left shoe, like a slip-on.

Lucas showed, and that made training much better than it woulda been. Since coach wasn’t there I was defaulted into running class, but I sorta dogged that by saying “sections,” and we just did jumps and sections the entire time. I had intended on doing sword, but that got trumped when everyone else was busting tricks. So I did tricks too. Once I got psyched up I hardly noticed the nasty medicinie feel that my decongestant provided.

The real fun was last night, old school wushu reunion. A number of us don’t even train anymore. Crazy nice to see everyone again and hang out. Glenn, Suzie, Sarah, Paulo, Melinie+1, Vyvy and us. Those guys rock. Mel was round. Kelly was supposed to be round with her. Probably woulda been if we had stayed as close as we used to be. Not that we all have grown apart, when we met up it was like no time had passed. Everyone was still the same person they were before. Twice in one week. Good times.

“ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’
Luke 10:27

“Do this and you will live.”