After years of talking about it Kelly and I finally broke down and adopted kittens. They are two nearly identical black kittens, brothers, that we got from the Fairfax animal shelter. Their names are Ampere and Henry. The more active, bolder and slightly bigger one is Amp, and the smaller one is Henry. Of course being the smaller one Henry has a crazy psycho furious side that only seems to come out when they are wrestling.

Kelly has never had cats before, and you can tell that we really likes them — I knew for sure when she was upset that she couldn’t take care of them when she traveled to Richmond. Not that she doesn’t trust me, I think it is a quality of care issue. Anyway, who wants to be stuck in my care. Ok, who wants to be stuck in my care that is nto obsessed with Chris moves.

Oh, in addition to kittens we also had had a BBQ and went down to the mall for the fireworks. I tricked a few coworkers into coming over and of course there was the wushu click. Basically I just plopped the wushu guys down in front of China national qualifiers and paid attention to other people. Fireworks were crazy, so many people, much like the other times we have gone down town. Didn’t get rained on and nobody got lost. It was a success.

I think I am ready for Traditionals. I have both my jiu jie bian and zuiquan down, both of them could really use another month of practice, but I will be able to get thought them with the bare minimum of flavor and speed. Drunken is still crazy long—a whopping 1:49 at it’s longest—but I have been taking stuff out as best I can. Pretty much anything that isn’t required for the main structure of the form is gone. I still float around 1:20. jiu jie bian has stuck around 1:20, but I am happy with that because I know I won’t go under time and can try to make everything quick. Plus that is such an easy (as in easy-on-your-body) form. It’s gonna be rough when I go back to training spear.

Right now training is so good. But I know once Panams are over that it will fizzle out. Damn, just when I talked my self out of Krav I may be inspired to try and go again. I shouldn’t. Team trials next year. Damn you the wushu!