The kittens seemed to handle the long hours alone just fine. I am pretty sure they mostly sleep when we are gone—of course we do still barricade them in the basement if we are gone so it’s not like they can get into anything. Even when we are there to play with them they often prefer to wrestle each other of play with a ball/piece of paper/twisty tie with out our help. Sometimes I feel a little dissed when they go for the ball over the feather thing on a stick (which used to be like crack to them, they couldn’t resist it), but honestly when they get going they are nuts with that little piece of foam. Like soccer players fed caffeine pills and an IV of Red Bull. Darting across the floor dribbling in a random zig-zag pattern until a final pounce to stop their foe in it’s tracks. Well, at least as much as a foam ball has tracks.

The cats are developing distinctly different personalities. Ampere is the normal cat. He likes people attention. Will come up and purr, nuzzle you and be nice when he is getting sleepy. He also will stop playing and sit still to let you pet him. Tends to attack things just because he sees them moving. When at the vet he freaks out and tries to escape, like any good cat should. He is also about twice as big as Henry, with much softer and thicker fur.

Henry is the odd brother. Smaller, doesn’t like to be handled as much. Not nearly as trusting for just about anything. He will run away if you try to pick him up or pet him. Takes a while to trust a particular toy before he will play with it unless, of course, it is fabric. Normally he has to see Amp playing with something before he will risk it first person. He will sit calmly at the vet, or locked up in a cardboard pet carrier.

Don’t expect that amp always beats up Henry when they are wrestling. He might be the smaller, stranger brother, but he is also the smart, sneaky, tricky one too. For example, I have seen them chasing each other around the room, and Henry is running full speed from Amp and will drop his shoulder to the floor do half a roll so he is on his back looking up and grab Amp as he is running over. Once latched on he continues to pound that unsuspecting pursuer with his back claws in his little kitten face. Quite ingenious.

I like our cats. They are fun. I don’t like the smell of the litter box. It is not fun.

Yes, it’s true, I made the team. Of course it is not the real team, not the team I want to make, but I still made it. The US Traditional Wushu Team. Sometimes the word traditional might mean fake.

I preformed alright, not up to my abilities by any means. My scores were lower than I wanted/expected. Oh, don’t worry I got some great excuses for that. Or maybe I’ll call them points to remember and work on for future competitions. Nah, they can be excuses.

First my drunken, found out during the line up that the time limit was different that I trained for. They said 50-90 seconds. I trained for 60+ seconds. My form usually ran about 1:49 or so. Yeah, it’s crazy long like that. So I had people time me and yell “faster” and “finish it” and “finish it faster” when I got to about 50 seconds. I think that happened in the second section. So I booked it though as much as I could leaving out some of the better combos. Needless to say my form looked, um, rushed.

For chain whip, well I sat on my whip during them butt hop things. I had never done those in my silks before. Silks have the little flap that hangs down in the back, along with the belt—that damn thing got caught in the whip and I wound up sitting on it. Two or three times. I was mad. Real mad. Later we were evaluating the options for avoiding this problem, we promptly ruled out assless chaps despite the fact that they would eliminate the chain whip butt hop problem. Bryan pointed out that it might be a good idea to train in my silks before the competition. I politely called him a jerk and asked him shuddup.

Katherine totally owned everyone with her Fanzi, she was fast and solid—that girl is vicious. Zack also tore up (the competition, and his lower leg) in ditang, some of those falls had to hurt on that floor. That very hard unforgiving floor.

Pan Am is where the real deal went down. Our team did a damn good job, methinks. I am especially happy that Stephan was able to nail down his gold in sword. That goes double for Jennifer medaling when she got bumped up as an alternate—her performance was up there with the best. Jason, Rizqi, Fifi, Jessica, Bee, Alex, everyone on the team tore up.

The tournament was run well, given all the difficulties they (mostly, Kelly, Anita, and Tiantian) were stuck with, they pulled things off amazingly well. The after party, however, left something to be desired.