I finished my sword form yesterday.

We went to lunch with Coach at her husband's restaurant and were talking wushu for a couple of hours.  Which basically got me all psyched up about finishing my sword form, which up to this point was only the opening movements.  So I talked Stephan (who had trained once that day with Chad) into coming over and watching wushu vids for a little while before we went to train.  All sword and spear stuff.  Once we had a few ideas we ran over to the school to try and put a form together.  With Stephan's help I was able to finish the entire thing. That man is a crazy natural sword form maker-upper. He has so many different, and cool, movements in his sword vocab that he can just pull one out at anytime for anything.  [I added in a combo from Shi Kun](http://www.rottentomatoes.com/vine/showthread.php?t=350407), plus some other stuff that has been butchered so much that I am certain the athletes that originally made it up could not tell.

 Overall I am really happy with my form.  Between Me, Stephan and Sara we were able to make a pretty original form.  Now I just gotta get my 720 tornado to horse stance that I need for it.  And 540 jump outside.  And double sweep.  Aiya.