O-Mei was twisting.

I am crazy proud of the boys last night. Everyone, I mean everyone did a butterfly twist in class. How many schools can pull that off. I know it was in advanced class, but it’s not like it was a super small class of just the ‘good’ people. We had 3 people try them for the first time, and everyone made it around. Ain’t pretty, but it was a full 360, with a actual landing. High energy, everyone pushing hard. See for your self: Rock, rock on.

While everyone was butterfly twistin, stepahan pusted out an aerial twist. Then I had to, so I got up the nerve, said a little prayer, grunted a little and went for it. Jump, pull, twist, BAM! But’but’it was my feet that made the bam. I was psyched; I did a dozen or so. Need to do more today. I just hope I don’t have to get al psyched up again today, cause that takes a lot of time and effort. Again: Rock, rock on.

We let the kittens have the run of the house last night. It was the first night they were not locked up in the basement. I thought I might wake up to the sound of crashing glass from downstairs. Really I just woke up to Henry pouncing on the folds in the blankets on the bed. The slept with us the entire night. Mostly curled up close to Kelly, be it in the crevice of a knee pit or by her back or in her death grip snuggle hold. Surprisingly enough Kelly would sort of wake up, roll over-smushing a kitten-who would wiggle free and find another spot near her to lie down. Her heat hemorrhage is quite the lure for the feline persuasion. They kept me up a little but I was restless to begin with, defiantly worth it for the mao-purr thing when I first came to bed.

I am not such a fan of a cat nuzzling up to my face, then sneezing all over me. Yeah. That’s no so cute.