We took the kittens for their second visit to the vet today. Much easier with two people there to handle them. Our vet was caught up in a bit of an emergency so we were in the little waiting room for a little while. They did the normal suspicious exploring, but Henry took it one step further by licking the soap. Not a bar of soap, but that the soft-serve pump liquid hand soap. He was licking like crazy and making faces for a while. He then proceeded to produce copious amounts of drool. I took a tissue and wiped the drool off only to be have a cat that started to foam at the mouth. Not like a normal “barking dog” type foaming, but more like hand dishwashing liquid in a dishwashing machine. Once I wiped his whole mouth out with a tissue a few times (leaving little clumps of tissue stuck on his cat like tongue) he seemed to return to normal.

The shots and other medicine that followed were totally uneventful.