Saturday training was demo practice only—getting ready for the Ode to Peace demo next weekend. A number of us didn’t even get the luxury of a proper warm up, we just went straight for the sword set. The demo does have a few cool things to it, for example we are doing a number of group fighting sets, not too many group forms. Actual real fighting sets. The guy that was brought in is an old Peking Opera guy, and seems to know his stuff, of course he is also a little overly picky, and alot of my classmates are getting very annoyed at him and his, um, techniques. I got to the point where he was making unnecessary demands on my group. Basically the rest of my Spear/double broadsword group had learned the set, but I was being brouth in to replace someone who won’t be able to make it to the demo. Well, he wanted us to show him the set before I had even had the chance to walk though it, I on the other hand decided that I must walk though it first. Funny thing is everyone else who disagreed with this fella got met with a sharp no, do it my way reply (well, the Chinese equivalent at least), but my belligerent and somewhat pushy, no, we must practice it first was answered only with a sorry. At first I was just buzzing on the i-put-this-guy-in-his-place feeling, but once I actually thought about it decided that I didn’t want to project that image. Not that I think in hindsight that I should’ve done it differently, but more like, I will try really hard to perform at a higher level than this guy expected. Basically I decided that if I am going to be a pain in the ass about doing something I better do a damn good job of it (know what the hell I am talking about or shutup).

You can also factor in the fact that I was annoyed that I didn’t get to train any optional stuff, i.e. the stuff we needa work on now.

photoOnce training was over Kelly and I headed downtown to Live on Penn. $7 for a TMBG show. We also got to hear Fountains of Wane, but other than Stacy’s Mom I was somewhat disinterested in them. TMBG was fun, and a good thing too it was Kelly’s first Giants show. They didn’t seem to do as many of their little gimmicks, like whip out the radio and play along, or that giant stick thing, pretty much a normal rock show. Not a bad thing, but I have come to expect more from them. Or they.

photoWent home and crashed, only to wake up still very groggy and drive to Richmond. In fact I was so out of it that Kelly drove us. It rained, and was dreary. I wanted to sleep. Kelly even claimed that I was sleeping with my eyes open for a while. I crashed on the couch at the ‘rents, until I was drug to Laura’s house for the birthday party. And, with Joshua turning 1 it was a par-tay. I had way too many taquitos. Jacob and I played. Everyone ate cake and we had a great time. Joshua ate his cupcake from the bottom up. Ending in a glorious icing implosion.

photoWe drove home. I had to stop and use the facilities at exit 104 on I95. Fun fact: at the first gas station off the north bound exit ramp you can buy a squirt of cologne for 25 cents. I however, didn’t invest in it.


It rained. All Weekend.