We were actually there when Beej and Katie got the call that they got their house. The womens even did shots of tequila to celebrate. They had to run off and deal with some paper work but Kelly took Laura, Sean and I back home and we got to play. We all got yelled at to not mark the walls. Mostly we ignored it.

This weekend was a glorious sun worshiping excursion. Lots of time at the pool, sometimes I would be at one pool, grab my stuff and head over to a different pool. Best part of it all is no sunburn.

Wushu is going so far. We have two weeks till traditional team trials. While this is not the actual US Team, it is still important for me. Entirely superficial reasons, but they are still there. I know I have the real team trials next year, but I feel the need to push for this one, with all it’s fakeness.

With that I saw Zach’s traditional forms, ditang and double broadsword, which inspired me. He has some crazy tricks in his forms—including hyper twists, aerial twists and aerial falls. His tricks and speed are ridiculous, I cannot believe how good he gets training on his own like he does.