Chica-flop. Well, the great road trip to Chicago never happened. Mostly ‘cause we suck.

But the memorial weekend wasn’t completely a loss. Except that I did hurt my shoulder in class on Friday, and it still hurts on Tuesday (one thing that would of been a serious pain in the car for 13 hours). But we did make it downtown to a few memorials, go to a movie or two, hang out with fun people, throw a few caps, and BBQ (as is required by law on Memorial Day).

Stupid drunken form. Coach asked me if I could do this new movement, and well, yeah I could, but I think the real question was should I. This movement is sort of a kipup were you arch and roll onto your knees, up your belly and over your should to another kipup. Repeat 3X. The biggest problem is I am actually good at it, and (at least in my head) it looks super-cool. But after the first pass my shoulder hurt. I blamed it on lifting soreness. So I did it again, and at least once more after that. Now that I have had all weekend to think about this, I remember that this is one of reasons I went to visit Charlie. Damn, I may be going back again. Needless to say I think that skill is gonna be dropped. It was such a kickass section three.

After that I just wanted to sit around and no be active. So we went to the movies, played video games, etc. Came close to totally wasting the best day — at least in terms of weather — of the entire weekend, it wasn’t a total waste mostly due to the topless jeep. We even wound up meeting up with Tom and Mer for some post dinner chillin’, which was a fun time. I wanted to call them back later that weekend and hang out some more, but decided that would make me appear all needy. So I called some wushu friends. They dissed me.

photoFollowing the hint form Tom and Meredith, we went downtown Sunday night to check out the WWII and FDR memorials. Both were really touching, I think the FDR is one of the best in DC. Sure, the WWII one is much more impressive, FDR just seemed so real with the life-sized bronze statues and the quotes engraved in the walls.

Monday consisted of pouting about the bad weather, playing video games, noticing the weather was better and going to play tennis, deciding that it was a bad idea to play tennis and going home to make burgers and brats. Least you thought they were brats while you dumped mustard on them, but once you bite into it you notice that Italian sausage is a little strange with mustard.