I had never been to a major league baseball game before this weekend. I had attempted to watch a few games in the past, I mean the long ago past, when I lived in Alaska. We figured out a back way into the field (we would go though the woods in the four wheelers) so we didn’t have to pay the $5 to get in, but they were overwhelmingly boring. We would play catch on the side of the field, get bored and leave.

Going to Camden Yards was much better, if you get bored you go buy peanuts and chomp on them for a while. Then a hot dog, then some cotton candy, etc. I was able to build up enough faux interest in the O’s that it was a fun game to watch. Not as much fun as playing catch for the first time in, ionno, 10 years. My mitt has 3 different colors of mold on it. But it still catches a ball.

Training this week picked up nicely. After I got the acupuncture on my shoulder I sat out a few classes, but came back no problem, no pain. Even the cyst on back of my hand is doing better. It had been really tender after Charlie worked on it but now it seems to be getting better, much faster than it was on its own. Training has consisted of drunken and jiu jie bian (9 section whip) as of late. I am still at 3 section of drunken and only 1 official section of jjb. However jjb is crazy fun, and not demanding physically, it feels more like playing with a dibolo than training wushu. I got less than a month to get these things finished and polished. I also got rug burn in 3 places. Stupid drunken.

Oh, why dose everyone think Antigone is such a crappy name for a girl? I think it is pretty damn cool. It’s up there with Rizqi.