I have been swamped as of late. Work has consisted of a constant push to get our damn Solaris machine up and running. I am caught up in a hell of failed builds and unreasonable dependencies. I’ll get you ClearSilver, you better watch your back. UPDATE: I smacked that Sun around, now I oWnZ it.

Wushu has been interesting lately, it’s all traditional all the time. Aside from the fact that it has been obscenely hot and humid, in an industrial park warehouse like building with cinder block walls and a metal roof, training has been going well. I have cranked out more of my 9 section whip form — which, IMO, is the easiest form I know (so far). I just need to slow down and figure out how do the sections and take my time to build up to speed. Once I know it, and know it well enough to be consistent I can force some speed out of it. Nice thing about whip is that you don’t need much flavor, the weapon brings all the spice itself. I just gotta keep it moving quick.

Drunken is progressing, slower than 9 section, but progressing. Marty even complemented me on it, which was unexpected, but coming from him I take that as a very good complement. He don’t say much unless he has a reason.

Lets, see, last weekend we went down to Richmond — Mom’s birthday and all. We did the cake thing, played with the nephews. Jumped on the trampoline with Jacob. Played army on the trampoline with Jacob, and the like. It was nice to see them. It was also nice to see that Joshua hasn’t grown up too much since I saw him last. With Jacob it seemed like every time I saw him he had passed 2 or 3 major milestones in life. One day I’d see him working on crawling, then the next time he’d be walking and talking. I felt left out. So far I am doing a little better with Joshua.

I also saw Jason. He came over and hung at my ‘rents house for a while. He is going pretty well now, dealing with his woman situation (still hangs out with her, aiya). He is supposed to graduate this summer, so is considering driving across America. Sorta a coming of age, need to see the country, get away from home type thing. He needs it, and I thought it’d be fun so I asked him if he wanted a buddy for the drive. I got a hearty ‘come along’ answer. So I may be going along with him. I wouldn’t be able to do the entire thing, as that may take up to 3 weeks, but I might go for one leg of the journey and just fly back home. Now we needa decide which route (northern or southern), and a list of things to do along the way. Right now I am leaning towards the northern route. The list of things to do is gonna be trickier, but we have a few ideas: Attempt to drive Red Evil up Pikes Peak, Eat a hotdog on the El, ride horses in Wyoming, etc.

Of course if I go with Jason the trip to the cabin with Danny would have be nix’d. Honestly, I don’t really care about the trips them selves, I just want to hang out with the guys involved. Sitting in a cabin, or driving across country neither one sound like much fun.

Lesson for the day: Make sure you are you sing the correct linker. /opt/sfw/bin/ld is not your friend. That punk.