I finally saw last action star last night. No wushu in it this time, it was all drama acting and a make-over. Last week when people were telling me how they were training with Eric Chen and all the wushu fun I was really regretting not sending in my demo video. After watching the show last night I am really glad I didn’t. It was a bunch of uber-vain super-cool pretty people. While I may be vain, and even have veins, I am not nearly cool or pretty enough for all that. I would have loved that stunt work, and even the acting drills but this other stuff, all the MTV Real World schisms and bickering really doesn’t seem like anything worth while. Not that I could have gotten that far, due to my personal levels of coolness and prettiness.

Yesterday we did good. At least Chad and I (Stephan== slacker), we hit up lifting in the morning, wushu and gymnastics that night. I admit it was pretty slack, I didn’t do dead lifts in the morning and I trained jiu jie bian at wushu. Even gymnastics should have been harder, but I was pretty happy. The only thing I left out was more tumbling. I need to be drilling the stuff I already know, especially the things like tumbling that I won’t practice anywhere else.

Scariest dream ever: running from a evil version of yourself. Only I could climb walls, and had some sorta double jointed jaw with extra longer, sharper, insect like teeth.