Dumb bugs

Cicadas are dumb bugs. Really really dumb. You can kick them and they just sit there. You can mow the lawn and they will lookup and wonder what the loud machine is and why it is chopping up all their friends. I had one on the hood of my jeep this morning, it was alive, I saw it move. But when I started up the jeep it just sat there. When I accelerated down the street it slid across the hood. No reaction. None. He slid back and forth as I made the turns though my neighborhood. Didn’t flinch. Eventually he fell off the side of the jeep, I never saw him try to fly. I can only assume he hit the ground in total shock, surprised that his perch somehow disappeared.


Training last night was, well, uninspired. Chad, being the good man he is, brought his camera so that we could film ourselves review why we suck. This is actually a really good training tool unless you watch your routine and determine that you suck so much that you should just retire from that damn sport. Plus add in the fact that my breasts are sore from lifting and I felt like I looked awkward and disproportional and pudgy doing my form only added to the disillusionment. Bah.

I told Kelly that I wanna train at Krav with Sean and she said that was fine (in fact she encouraged me to do it sooner than later). If I am going to be able to stick with wushu I need to ease back from the all wushu all the time mentality. Of course when I start thinking like this I also get this streak of obnoxious determination to push like hell and work though my wu-funk. I think it when it really comes down to it I need to go to Krav and kick stuff so that I feel better about how much I suck at prancing around in silks with little floppy swords.


We went down tot Tech at the end of last week (drove down Thursday night, and back on Friday night). I miss Blacksburg. Our time was very limited so we tried to fit as much in as possible. We hit up Hokie House, which was insanely packed with drunken grads and no music, met up with Cheryl, tried get a turn at the table to play shuffle board, and played some pool. Eh, I didn’t go out much in school. But on the way back to the four points we walked the long way though campus. I really miss it there, it feels right, it feels like home. I guess part of it is the fact that I almost never lived anywhere for 4 years solid, much less never went to the same school for that long that the 4 years at VT seem like half my life. Even after I graduated, 5 companies, two layoffs and 3 apartments (including my house [yay house!]) later I don’t feel so settled up here. So it comes down to the fact that I really need to find a job at the CRC and move back to the burg.


My Nana was out this way visiting Joshua and Jacob—she did bring Grandpa Jim and did visit the rest of the family too. But my parents came up, with Nana, Jim, and the my sisters family in tow. Kelly arranged for her parents to come out and meet everyone, so we had a big happy family gathering on Saturday. Fun activities like the playground down by the lake, the new air and space museum, and a BBQ. It was great to have everyone together and visit with the Grandparents. They are doing well, better than the last time I saw them. I must get to Texas and visit.