James Burke is the coolest guy ever. And by saying so it makes me so damn cool it hurts. The Science Channel did a retro weekend and played all these great old school PBS and (even better) BBC educational series. Gerald and I sat watching for, ionno hours. Then he left—when I had to go teach my last Chinese school class ever (only two kids cried)—and I cam home and watched more.

This weekend was a success. We had a good house warming party—a crazy expensive party—but a successful one. We had somewhere near 40 people show up, and I didn’t even invite everyone I wanted to, I wound up missing a number of people I know from wushu and past jobs. Everyone said we had a nice house, and no one did anything destructive to make it un-nice.

The cicadas are in full force. Infact if you drive down Braddock road with the windows down you cannot hear anyone talking in the car they are so loud. Also, as D and I discovered they like street lights. The ground under the street light on Cotherstone was crawling with them. You could not walk with out stepping on them—and we didn’t go anywhere near the densest part of the cicada blanket. The sound was overwhelmingly eerie.

Also if you try to flick them up in the air with your car keys they won’t fly, they just sorta fall over. So if you want to hit them with a softball bat you are going to have find one that is already airborne.