Chad and Stephan came over this morning to lift. Crazy convenient for me, they arrive promptly at 7am, we lift for an hour and I’m off to work. This was the first time we lifted together, but I hope we can continue with it. I think I may invest in more equipment, or what ever else I can do to bribe the fellas. Stuff like this is much more fun if you have someone else there. Plus I could do bench press because I had someone to lift the bar up and spot me, normally I am haunted by the fact that I have no barbell rack. I will prolly stop and get a couple of big plates on the way home, maybe one of those heavy duty mats to protect the carpet. Now if I could only figure out where to hang the pull up bar (I got a 6′ piece of aircraft grade aluminum piping, just need to figure where I can mount it).

Best part is I don’t feel silly doing things like handstand pushups and dead lifts (I have never seen anyone do proper dead lifts in the gym. Ever. Squats sure, maybe a stiff-legged dead lift, but never a normal one—everyone always stares at me when I do them. Of course that could be because of the loud clanging sounds I make when I drop the bar.

Traditional forms are coming along s-l-o-w-l-y, very slowly. I need to finish my drunken, tonight. I swear if I don’t have coach help me with the form I just flounder around and nothing gets done. But she can throw it together and everything looks great and has a terrific flow. Don’t get me started in chain whip. No, really, I haven’t started.

Gymnastics tonight should be drilling butterfly-butterfly twist and aerial twist. Ever since I crashed the b-bt (back before cmai’s tourney) I have been spooked by that combo. So I need to drill it back to normalcy. My aerial twists are getting very consistent, and I am able to keep them nice and high, but I still haven’t bothered to do them on the hard floor. I am getting to the point where I am gonna pay Stephan to come along to capital in order to give me a challenge. I am asking for a challenge!

Eating pudding with a spoon!