Car related dreams. I had two dreams that stuck with me very vividly last night.

I can’t remember which one cam first, but I think it was the jeep one. Basically I was in my jeep in a parking lot and a mini-van pulled up beside me. Before the van could pull all the way into the spot the little girl in the back kicked the door open crazy hard and it swung in the side of the jeep. I just sat there stunned thinking “crap, she just dented the hell out of my jeep.” Her parents yelled at her to shut the door so they could pull further forward, and along the way she did it again. And again once they had reached their final stopping point. By then she was directly beside me with her door resting agenst my front fender. I looked at the little girl—who was probably around 7 or 8—and say “DAMMIT!!!”, which seemed like a reasonable thing for me to say after the 3rd instance of body damage she inflicted on my vehicle. I was expecting her parents to back me up and tell their little girl to not hurt other peoples cars, but instead they yelled at me for using bad language around their daughter. I think it was at this point that my subconscious decided that I could not just dismiss this attack on my jeep and go on with the dream (which I am sure would have involved bouncy shoes). I finally got out to inspect the damage which turned out to be much more extensive than you would think I little girl armed with a mini-van door could have done, but it was. Big nasty softball size dents, the paint completely missing—in three places. I tracked down the parents to get insurance information or some place to send the bill, they came over and examined the damage. Continually grumbling about my bad language. About then I woke up. I am sure if I woulda kept sleeping, the parents would have turned out to be evil ninja pirates and I woulda wushu’d them proper, but I woke up by then.

So I got up, went to tinkle, and came back to bed for my second car related dream. This one involved me parking Kelly’s car in the Ballston mall (however in the dream I often referred to it as Tyson’s). Don’t remember why we were there, or what we did, but when we were walking out to leave we found out someone stole the engine, transmission and other important mechanical parts. This time they even stole the radio (it’s a recurring dream, last time they left the radio—which was nice so we had something to listen to). The rest of the dream consisted of me tracking down the wife and informing her that our engine was stolen AGAIN. Something she wasn’t so happy about, but surprisingly supportive and polite. I’ll let you know what happens next time.

It was a pretty fun weekend: I got new Tevas, a Lacrosse Stick, and a Puerto Rican. And especially flippy, wushu-nastic one. Actually Coach asked me Saturday during class if I could put up one of the Puerto Rican team members while they cam to train. I hesitantly asked when he was coming. She said at 9. How long? A week. I agreed after calling and clearing it with a bewildered wife. Winds up not being much of an issue as Jonathan is a really cool guy, and he sleeps in the office on the foof. (If he woulda come in a few more weeks we woulda had an entire guest room.) He will be hanging out at O-Mei for the week, and is all excited bout going to capital for tumbling. I am also excited about this, as he has not failed to impress me and my friends with his cRaZy cool tricks. I am jealous of his press-ups and windmills. Now, I just needa figure out how to use that damn lacrosse stick, I am sure Danny and I looked like mentally handicapped first graders trying to figure out how they worked in the parking lot at Galyan’s (after buying them on an impulse, but how can you resist the LAX balls are orange!).