I am sore (specifically my left calf and left butt cheek). I have been training a lot recently, and while I am supposed to compete this weekend I haven’t been working on anything that I will actually do at the competition. Last night I actually trained compulsory, and in the morning it was drunken.

I went with Jonathan to the morning training along with Chad and Stephan. It was good hard training — plus with the night before consisting of sword class chased by gymnastics I had not fully recovered before I showed up. Strange thing, I totally crashed a butterfly. Well, I was doing the second of two and I somehow did a twist. I didn’t want to twist, but I did. I crashed it politely (I do remember seeing the ceiling in the middle, and thinking ‘Oh crap, the ceiling’). After that I was having a serious complex and couldn’t do a butterfly with out the crazy feeling that I was rotating. It freaked me out. It still freaks me out. I don’t know what made me do that, and it has happened before when I train a lot of twists and try to go back to regular butterflies. I own butterflies. That is my trick. Dammit!

I think part of the problem was the fact that I had another freak ‘loss of skill that I normally own,’ in class earlier this week (Monday I think) we were just jumping up and doing a ‘standing jump outside jump’ a.k.a. jump and spin. Normally I have no problem with a 720. I couldn’t do a 360 with out leaning. It was freakish. It was disturbing. I didn’t like it. I tried again yesterday it my jump-n-spin seemed to be back to normal. However I seem to have this sinking feeling like that skill is gone. It’s scary.

Now I have to try to concentrate on this tournament AND deal with freaky skill loss. Zao gao le!