Easter Weekend.

Friday I watched Jason clean up the short weapon event at CMAI’s tournament. His nandao was able to keep Nick and the crazy 12 year old from NY from taking home the tallest trophy. After the competition we went back to the school where I was able to run through my form (and drill that butterfly – butterfly twist), and we talked with coach for quite some time. We were even able to convince her that going to the tournament was a good idea, even though she didn’t want anyone else to go.

The next day I got up and out there before 8. Registered for my event (a mere $70 to do my form once) and waited. I got lucky that I went second as it was first to register last to compete. I don’t remember actually doing my form, except for the part that I forgot and just made stuff up. I even asked Paula if she could tell what part I just made up—but my adlib skills paid off and I was hid my stupidity pretty well.

I wound up in second. I was happy that I beat the people that I was worried about, but I was taken by this (wushu autistic) 12 year old. He was competing out of his division, and as Kelly pointed out that in the sport he does have certain advantages that the adult group lacks. Like, say, his 80 lbs is not so hard to spin around. This kid will be unstoppable if he survives puberty. Wushu has lost a lot of good competitors to puberty. I was happy with my 9.29 from the judges (which wound up a higher score than Jason’s empty hand—so I beat the #1 US team member [to his credit he did fall, most likely because the floor so slippery]).

We hung around for a little while after my event; we back to the school and took Jonathan to lunch. Well, actually coach treated us—but we picked the place. Apparently I have introduced her to all the American restaurants in the area that she has visited. I did try to explain that Chevy’s was Mexican, but I don’t think that took.

Then we were on the road to Richmond.

My parents have been smoking something, because that were ridiculously laid back happy go lucky and otherwise crazy. Not bad, but weird as hell. But the evening consisted of getting a free bed from Kelly’s boss, and hanging out with Jason. Jason and I stayed up till the wee hours of the night talking, which was good. I was really glad to see him and hang out some. Too bad the talking centered on girl troubles.

Sunday I slept in late as a result of the wee-talking. But I was up before Jacob, Joshua, Matt and Laura got there. Jacob was crazy (especially once he got hopped up on Jelly beans). Joshua was drooly and otherwise very cute. We had brunch. We had and Easter egg hunt. We ate candy. It was fun.

Wednesday we move get possession of our new house.

I can’t wait for my house. I want to go today. It’s driving me nuts. I want to be already moved-ed. Agghh.