Paint paint paint. If I ever seen another roll of that blue tape again it will be too soon.

Actually I am really happy with how everything has turned out; it’s too bad that the living/dining room is the only completely finished room in the house. The bedroom, kitchen and office need trim painted. The office could probably use another coat of that bothersome maroon. I don’t recommend painting anything maroon. It will take a lot of coats. I am up to 3 now, and it needs more.

Ok, the quick rundown of the colors:
Kitchen: Pink baby!
Living/dining Room: Light blue and lighter blue on different walls, except the striped wall. That wall rocks.
Bedroom: A soothing green, with grayish tendencies.
Office: Pure Hokie, Orange and maroon. Orange is easy to paint.

We have hauled most of our stuff over already, I went ahead and canceled our truck for the first, mostly because we have 3 big things left to haul (couple of dressers and a bed, easy) and then we are stuck with little crap.

Moving sucks, but owning a house is awesome. I like being in the house and thinking, I own you. OWN YOU, BIATCH! Succeeding in obtaining a living space that is not the routine, colorless, vapid builders white that we have lived in for 8+ years is a very good thing. Even the furniture looks better.

I was completely exhausted this past weekend, it is nice to be back at work where I am not consistently lifting things that are heaver than, say, me.