The blast from the past

So Kelly and I woke up to a call from my parents saying they had given my phone number to an old friend of mine from when I lived in cali. I hadn’t seen Brian since I was a freshman in high school, so it had been a while. Turns out he is pretty much the same old Brian I knew, but now he is in the Army, has been to war, gotten shot, and is attempting to enter the Special Forces. Crazy. We has a beer, ate some wings and he kicked my ass in pool.

I am glad last week is now last week. I need to be back at work so I can rest. But the good news it we are all moved. We are all moved before we were even gonna start moving. Being done early is nice. I am to the point that all I need is to wire the office for the DSL and everything will be turned in and working.

Friday I trained at the afternoon class, which wound up being a private lesson. Coach stayed around and helped me work out the third section of my Zui Quan. I basically modified a section that I found in one of the videos I downloaded — I swear coach picked it up in 5 seconds, and then had to spend 15 minutes teaching it to me. Plus, another 30 correcting it.

My parents wound up coming up to A) check out the new house and B) get the truck back in order to haul a new (non-leaking) hot water heater to their house. I felt bad for using their truck and not even having the decency to take it back to them when I was done. But I was really happy they could see the new place.

Work now — I got a lot to make up after a week of really short days last week.