Apparently everyone that saw it thought I would be a paraplegic.

I was successful in landing a back flip square on my head last night. No, I am not getting old ‘ as some have suggested, but rather I was working on a fighting set. I was supposed to kick someone and they would grab my leg and flip me. Well, we slipped, so I only did half the flip. I was completely surprised when my head hit the ground. Apparently it was really scary to watch. Everyone freaked out, and when I stood up and said I was fine no one believed me and they all made me lie down and rest. Jason and Paula were freaking out, much more than I was. I didn’t go grab my instant icepack like I should have ’ which is sort of annoying because I have handed those out to anyone with much less sever injuries, but I was distracted and didn’t think to get it. Plus in the fall I bit my tongue and that really hurt.

At this point I think it is just muscle strains, and my neck is sore as hell. The 3 man set is out, I am not gonna be able to do the other falls we had in there. Plus I think the 3 of us will be too paranoid to pull it off at this point.

Thank God that we have the foam spring floor at O-Mei, if I would have done this on the original floor I think I would be in much worse shape.

Oh, it’s sad now, I got voted out. Jason called and told me I wasn’t allowed to compete and if I really wanted to go they would wait and go tomorrow, but he didn’t think I should. Something about a 6 hour car ride being really unpleasant for me. So they have opted to take the bus. I wish I would be able to make a decision after I see Charlie, but if they are gonna catch the bus it will be when I am seeing him. Crap.

Coach was being all sweet, she called me to check if I was OK, and to tell me to take out all the sketchy movements. She seemed relieved when I said that I wasn’t doing the group set. Come to think of it, there is no way I could do the kip up in my Chang Quan.

Kelly is happy she gets her weekend with me back. I feel bad for being so sad that I’m not going, when she is so happy that I am staying. She did offer to take me in a road trip, where ever I wanted to go.