Charlie Lee’s was this past weekend, I had considered competing, but my neck still was bugging me at the end of the week. So I wound up just going along to cheer, unfortunately I had extra company, because Paula hurt herself training so she was stuck in a wheel chair. (She got in the chair with a tornado-horse stance) The one good side of the wheeled Brazilian is her ability to get us close up at the events we were watching, however moving her around was nothing less than perilous.

One fun surprise was Qiu Dong Xing was there competing. I hadn’t heard form him in a few months and had no idea that he was headed out here for this, so it was really cool to run into him — too bad for Jason, since he was competing in the same events. Jason performance was actually pretty good, and I think he was scored low for his level. He was clearly nervous during the nandao, but by the time he did nanquan he really tore up. I even over heard some of the Chinese athletes and their fan boys talking about his level.

Oh, that was the second fun surprise, Dui Dong and Li Ying had a bunch of groupies. Which, IMO was great. They even printed out T-Shirts that said DX/Li Ying on the back. And you know how NASKA works, who ever has the biggest and loudest cheering section wins ‘ so at this one wushu had some good representation.

Actually at dinner and then again at second late dinner I got to hang out with a few of them and they were all good home cooked wushu ren. Mostly people from Mario’s school, CMAI. I wound up skipping the night show, so I just had Qiu Dong give me a call and we (I was able to drag Glenn and Tom along) went out and met them for that second dinner at, say, midnight:30. Meeting and hanging out with John Su and Li Ying was a double plus.

Sunday I skipped church and Chinese class because I needed A) sleep, and B) to see my wife who I neglected all day Saturday. I did teach my kid’s class, and in a strange turn of events they were really good. I don’t know why, but I do think the games we have been playing really help. Mostly because I don’t demand that they pay attention to wushu the entire time and to a lesser extent because I can use this as bribery: ‘we won’t play a game unless you do your form properly.’ They are gonna make it difficult to back out of that obligation next year if they actually want to learn. Plus I was able to talk to a couple of the parents and they seemed happy with me as an instructor.