Tuesday night was actually productive. I started at wushu at 5, and was there till 8, the idea was that I could go give Chad a hand in teaching, but coach started teaching my drunken so he wouldn’t let me teach in the hopes that I would get more traditional forms instruction. Coach taught me some of the basics and I practiced them. Basics for Drunken are fun. You mostly stumble in a circle and work on over extending everything.

Today I attempted to put these basics together into a form. I have found a couple of videos of zhi cuang and will base my form loosely on those. However everything seems awkward and, well, silly. But this is a silly form so I figure I otta embrace this silliness and make it my own. At least it is fun.

I also want to try to work in a front aerial, seeing as that won’t seem like such a girly trick if you are doing drunken. Just like drunken sword is a men only event, despite the feminine weapon.

Silly, effeminate, wushu. Where are my pink silks?

Oh, wait I am not that good yet. One day—oh yes—one day I too will be able to don the silky pinkness, and I will wear it as a badge of honor.

Does that sound wrong to anyone else? Sometimes I swear I picked the wrong damn sport. Perhaps Krav is not such a bad idea.