Nikki came up and visited me, it was great seeing my lil sister. Makes me really want to make it down and see the other sister and her family. Of course that is a domino effect and I then want to visit the ‘rents and Jason and Everett, oh yeah Paul has been sending me emails, and those keep me updated with summer — so now I wonder about Katy Jo and Sara. . I also am itching to get down there and train with the VCU wushu club — it was before team trails that I got invited to go visit and haven’t made it down there.

I miss Richmond; it is such a medium happy for me. Plus Joshua and Jacob make it double fun.

We had a fun weekend, I was a little weirded out by the fact that my lil sister actually drank, of course it’s not like she was going nuts — I guess a year or two of taking care of drunk Radfordites will instill moderate habits. Nice lazy Saturday after a super late Friday night was refreshing, even though we stayed up till 2 that night.

The most surprising event of the weekend was when I went by wushu early to train. When I got there I called coach to tell her that I was gonna miss the night classes because my sister was in town. I happened to mention that I was training early. She said something about being a little late. I assumed that was late for the 5 o’clock class, well about 15 minutes later she showed up. Apparently I asked her to come early. I felt bad about that, however I am not one to refuse the help, so we were able to finish the first section of my drunken. And by finish I mean completely scrap the old one and make a new section one. It is much cooler than before, imho. Now as far as the form goes I need to practice breathing, because when I stumble around flailing (as is customary in a drunken form) I find I am holding my breath. And here I was thinking this was going to be less tiring than CQ.

A bit of advice: don’t fall on your head before learning drunken, you use you neck a lot. Kip-ups, back falls, suicides, black dragon kip ups — they are all big neck moves. However I cannot complain too much because I still have my MCL and ACL in tact, unlike certain Brazilians I know.