Ok, so my wife thinks I should of written something about the closing on my house already, but honestly it was such an easy painless experience that I didn’t have much to say. At least not much that is actually interesting. However, I am a little weary — because what if it was too easy. I mean, they’d slap down a paper and we’d sign it. Sure, the promised they were all standard government drafted loan documents, but by the time I left I’d sign just about anything. “Sign in blood, eh? No problem”

But we closed, we are all done, and we now own a house. Alas, we have tenets until next month — so not only are we land owners, but slum lords as well. Oh, one interesting thing was they were not going to give us a key. Citing something about the sellers not moving out until next month. Luckily our argument of we own the place and we get a key worked like a charm.

Yesterday was Tom’s last day here, he is moving out to the client full time now. We are getting a new programmer, but I fear this may lead to boringer days in the office. In order to give him a proper send off we ordered a party platter of chicken nuggets form Chick-fil-A. It was a hundred nuggets and a bowl of honey mustard. We ate all but 7. We did not eat the bone we found, or that little black string. We did eat from 11am to about 2:30pm. Near the end there the grease started to congeal and we started to feel a little ill. At happy hour after work I know I got queasy at the idea of anything fried. Oh, I never, ever want chicken nuggets again. Ever.