Fun at the outer banks, it was great seeing Brandon and Alan again, even Gerald stopped in on Sunday on his way back to Raleigh. Brandon’s beach house is amazing; Danny and I could not decide it was Awesome or Super-Great. Plenty of beds, lots of common room, the coolest wrap around deck ever. Let’s not overlook the hot tub.

Needless to say we had a great time; the weather was warm enough that we were able to get a little pink on our shoulders when we were playing out on the sand. There was plenty of cartwheels and handstands, sparring and pushing people over people who were kneeling behind them, splashing in the freezing water (it was so could my foot would cramp up and burn). Plus an elaborate sand structure with a tower, dais, archer wall, and an elaborate system of motes, walls, channels and aqueducts. And we cannot forget the white water rafting sea shells.

We chased that with a nap, a hot tubing and wallyball. However I have no idea what order all this occurred in. Wallyball was insanely fun, however the room lacked ventilation and as we sweated so did the floor. A floor that sweats is a floor the slips, so it got a little dangerous there at the end. Dangerous, but still fun.

The drive there and back were not as bad as I thought they were gonna be, and I feel that I have the right to say that since I was the only one to drive the entire time there and back. However, the little highways in NC were more than a little annoying with the 45-55-45-55-35-50-45-50-45-55 speed changes every 3 miles. Big wide road, plenty of visibility, no traffic, s-l-o-w driving. Brandon warned us of tickets, and when he warns of that we listen.