I know it has been a while, but, man, things have been stressful. Not really bad at all, but stressful. The actual work at work is fine, but other more administrative processes are a bit taxing. Yeah, we had our reviews, but that wasn’t bad at all, in fact it was really good – but the really good part of it wasn’t until after I had the review. I flipped out a bit before hand because I have had a couple of jobs that seemed to be going great and suddenly take a sharp downward turn and I get laid off. Not that any of it had ever been around “review time”, but it always involved a sit down one-on-one meeting with management, like, say a review. Turns out they still love me and provided a proper “attaboy” so I am happy. The real stress is the other administrative process – but I am not going to go into details about that other than to say most people have a fight, flight or freeze response to immanent peril, well, I have a fight, flight, freeze or faint reaction.

Of course this is not including the task of founding a house. The market here is absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason that these places should be going this fast. Just one day on the market for some. ONE DAY! Honestly we get about 10 minutes to decide. You getta walk around and then say yes or no. Beej has been awesome in making me feel better, as well as dealing with Kelly and I, who have had 2 false starts this week. We said we were gonna put bids in on 2 places and backed out at the last minute. It just feels so competitive that we feel like we must go win a bid, or we are loosers. Not pressure.

We will find the perfict house for us for the next few years. Kelly will have a baking business, and I will run a MA school. We will have mini-sextons running around, and Jacob will get a new chris-moves DVD. Life will be good. All our dreams will come true.

Ya know, thinking about it, our dreams are not that hard to achieve – but they are gonna be so much crazy fun.

On a side note Dirk’s dog, AJ, is awesome. I want a cocker spaniel now. Hunting dogs are the best.

Wushu has been a bust. Not fully recovered form being sick, my body worn out from stress. I went on Friday, and it was the worst workout in a long time. I had no endurance at all. Technique was all off, and I had no desire to push my self. I need a wushu muse.

I also feel bad for not doing that demo at lake forest mall for coach. House shopping.

I am going to go eat my yogurt. I had quite the whammy this morning.