Ok, it has gotten to the point that I am waiting for the real estate agent to call me back and say weather or not we have gotten the house. I really hope we do, but even so I am nervous about it because we have had to do things like drop the appraisal clause, and add an escalation clause. All these things make me uneasy. I just want to offer what they are asking and actually get it. I long for a market where you can offer less than asking. Of course, if I am forced to buy in the market I pray to God that nothing happens to it when I wanna sell. That would only be fair.

I think the stress of this house buying as well as work stuff (especially that “administrative” rigmarole) is really taking a toll on me. My skin has been breaking out, and I think I am getting sick again. I started to feel phlegmy last night and I think I am actually coming down with something today. Such a headache. So tired. So many hours of wushu to survive through still.

In fact I am at O-Mei now, and Chad—the man—is running class for me. I would probably bail on everyone if I thought there would be someone to lock up. Because, really I am not gonna be much use like this. Time to see what it would be like owning a school and being feverous. Would someone answer that damn phone?!

Oh, the ringing is in my head. No wonder it hurts so bad.

Some other stuff happened that I really wanted to write about, and it probably pertains to our visit to Todd’s new house, or dinner with Jeannie, or maybe dinner with out Jeannie, but I am at a loss for words right now so that will getta wait for, um, probably, ever.