I actually had a really good class today at wushu. justin was running everything and we all got through direction on the correct technique, which I think was really good for the kids. So often we train with out any sort of direction other than “go faster”, so that was a nice change of pace.

He also made us do tornado split, which none of us had done in a long time, stephan hadn’t done it since worlds, I was tornado split free since team trials. I bruised my heel a little, but nothing bad, especially not bad enough to keep me from trying it half a dozen times. Surprisingly it was pretty good, or at least if felt that way. I still didn’t kick out and land in a proper split, but I would go down right ways and just sorta push my back leg out that last little bit after I landed.

We are getting ready for a fun dinner at Ruth’s Chris — Jeannie up and dissed us we are meeting up the the Tulli. And I know everyone’s initial reaction to the news that we are having valentines dinner with the in-laws, but actually it is gonna be fun, they make great dinner company. Plus, it’s really good steak.

Time to get wet, naked and soapy (not necessarily in that order).