I wanted to get to some deeper and more meaningful insights to the workings of my mind, but I went to gymnastics last night and did a ton of aerial twists so that is a better topic. Stephan came with me and his observations made a huge difference. Not that I am actually ready to bust one out on the floor, but it is technically better. In fact, the old way with the extra slant and the pike was much easier to land on the floor, but this way looks right. Of course as it stands I will need to do it off a 2′ ledge in order to have the time to twist and get my feet down.

The trick that Stephan enlightened me to was to keep my chest up and to keep my shoulders/hips square to the direction that I am going instead of the quarter turn in a normal aerial set. With these tidbits I was keeping my body much straighter and the rotation was nice and clean.

Sometimes I think I over think this stuff.

Coach came back and gave us the d/l on the new rules, and it looks like there is some sorta fuss over the difficulty in the new rules, and since all the other non-Asian countries don’t want the difficulty in the routines they are just wanna score the B-Level moves with the exact same value as the C-Level ones. I am not sure if this is official, but it is at least what bulk of the debate was over there. I am all about the new rules, optional are where it is at, compulsory routines should be put out of their misery. The people who want to reduce the difficulty because they can’t do it need to train more. Seriously, if you can do a double twist you deserve to get the score of one, not the same score as a single twist.