We lost another house. This totally sucks. I also got an email from Kelly that pretty much summarizes exactly how I feel.
I was just talking to my mom and mentally snapped when she said, “Well, I guess this one just wasn’t meant to be.” I am so tired of hearing that! I told her I think that idealistic bull shit and that I don’t think we’re loosing these offers because there is a perfect house out there waiting for us, but rather because we’re competing against more determined and moneyed seekers. Any of the places we’ve looked at would have been great for us, and it’s just a freaking townhouse, it’s not like there aren’t 100’s just like each one we look at.

But now I am seriously concerned that we’ve completely missed the boat. Since we didn’t buy last year or the year before we may now be at a point that we cannot afford what suits our lifestyle (size and location) and no amount of waiting for the market to slow down will ever catch up to that. We may just have to rent forever until we move away from this area. And I don’t think I’m being melodramatic.

It just makes me so mad that [other people] can have a place and we can’t!!! We’re so much more responsible and have much more to put towards this than they do. But I feel like if we’re ever going to make this happen up here we’ll have to do what they did and just take money from grandparents or other family with no ability to ever pay it back. And I just won’t do that! It was hard enough to ask my dad for help. And we’re going to pay that back!

But beyond that, it seems like we have to be ridiculous and completely unsafe in our manner of buying the house if we ever want to make it to the top of the pile. What can we do when people are coming in with no contingencies?? No offer we can make will ever outweigh that. Even if we had lots of money to be able to offer a lot more, we can’t do that unless the house appraises for that value and that requires a contingency which just knocks us out of the running.

I am so fed up with this! But I won’t consider moving to Richmond – that will be a victory for everyone else and a compromise too great for both of us. Why is this so hard??? I just don’t understand. We both feel like we’re being led to stay in this area so why isn’t it working out for us to be able to do that without just throwing our money away?

I just don’t know what to say anymore. I guess I should stop typing because I’m getting nowhere and I need to go see my reading buddy in a couple of minutes. I just had to get it out. I want to scream and to stop being pushed to tears.

I’d add something, but it would only be the same thing that my wife wrote.