We just finished our home inspection. Everything was great; the inspector said that it looked like a solid and sturdy house. Was even impressed that we had all these ‘don’t do it like that anymore’ features — such as a full brick exterior and a solid cinderblock party wall between units. Most of the issues that he noted were little things like loose outlets and using braided steel hoses for the washing machine. We even got to meet our next door neighbor who seemed nice enough. Can’t remember his name, but his dog’s name is Molly.

Needless to say I am getting properly excited; we are going to finalize the mortgage today (our rates even dropped from January when we first ran the numbers). Too bad we gotta wait so long to actually move in. Of course, it poses no problem, because this way we don’t have to break our lease. But you know how it is, you get so excited when you get the new shoes you just have to wear them out of the store.

Tuesday night was fun, we went to gymnastics with a bunch of wushu people, including our favorite Brazilian women. Jason and Paula hung around and helped Stephan and I work on aerial twists, which are actually improving now. For the longest time they seemed way off, but after Stephan’s help last week plus this week I think I am gonna be ready to do them on the floor soon.

Jason, Paula, Jordana and I are prepping for Arnold’s tournament next weekend, coach has helped me simplify my optional form a bit so it is not so ‘heavy,’ which was true. The first section contained way too many movements. Hopefully I can trim things down and make it flow nicely here in a couple days. That’s what I will be working on tonight.

As it stands I am just planning on doing optional Chan Quan, but I may break down and do compulsory sword ‘ but I think I may be putting all my efforts into polishing my optional form that I won’t be ready for Jian.