I posted this on the jiayo.com forum, and wanted a copy. Plus if anyone knows any good games lemme know.

Warm-up/Conditioning Games for Wushu
Actually I am interested in what conditioning and games everyone does/plays. Mostly thinking about teaching kids, we come up with different conditioning drills disguised as games. I was looking for ideas for my kids if anyone had anything fun to do.

When our coach went off to china and a few of us were left to run classes we made a serious effort to come up with a few new game that actually have wushu applications (strength, balance, speed, jumping, etc). Before this we had 2 games we would play and those were circle tag and blob. Both were played as warm-up games and their only wushu app was the speed it took to not get tagged.

For those who don’t know:
Circle tag is a game where everyone stands in a circle. One person is ‘it’ and is told to chase a classmate. If the chasee stops and stands in front of a person standing in the circle they switch and the new guy must run from ‘it’

Blob another tag game, but when ‘it’ tags someone they must then hold hands and try to catch the next person together. Forming a blob. Only the people on the ends can tag someone, so it is possible to escape by jumping over or going under the middle of the blob.

When I was in china I played yet another tag game, I don’t have a clue what they call it, so I called it ‘crossing the river’ at least I called it that in my head. Basically two people stand in the middle of a wushu carpet and the rest of the class must run to the other side with out getting tagged. If you are tagged your out.

In china it was fun, but back home with my kids they had motivation problems, and would often just stand on their side and not run. So I tried to make rules that everyone had to run within a certain time, but that got annoying.

The first game we made up was ‘horse stance tag’ which I am sure I played in grade school sometime but don’t remember what we called it then. Basically it’s like freeze tag, but when you are frozen you must stand in a horse stance until someone crawls under you legs. This game is great fun, more than I originally thought it would be — plus you get the added benefit of horse stance training.

The most recent game that we have been playing has been dubbed ‘frog battle.’ This game is a lot of fun. Basically everyone must stay in a squat, they can move around much like doing frog jumps or duck walks or turtle walks. The rules are: only your feet can touch the ground, you can never stand up, cannot touch anything but the floor (walls, etc). The objective of the game is to knock people over. Depending on the group we often don’t allow grabbing at all.

This game is great, because you do more frog jumps and duck walks than you would ever do on your own plus you train power and balance in addition to speed.